Paleo Ham Roll Ups

This is truly my FIRST PALEO RECIPE! 🙂  I’m not sure how old I was, but this was definitely from Elementary school.  I came across this awesome memento because it was in the recipe book that was given to me at the Bridal Shower my coworker Julie threw for me in Washington, DC.  She collected recipes from coworkers instead of gifts, and it is something I will cherish forever.  My Mom gave her this recipe (written on the best stationary ever), and it is glued inside the front page.  When I opened the book, I read through my “Tiff’s sub sandwich” recipe and discovered that I had forgotten to include a very crucial ingredient to a sub sandwich: bread!  After chuckling to myself and announcing that to Taylor, we resolved that I should honor the young Tiffany’s accidental ingenuity by creating a Paleo ham roll-up variation.  I must say, even though there are very few flavors, it ends up being a very composed roll-up!  There is no need for salt because the ham and pickle are already salty enough.

Tiff's Original Sub Sandwich Recipe aka Paleo Ham Roll-Ups

If you are worried about the olive oil dripping out (which I did not find to be a problem), gently rub the olive oil over the top slice of ham with your fingers.  By adding the oregano after the olive oil, it binds the ingredients together.

Let this recipe be a jumping off point to creating your own Paleo roll-ups!  I’ve rolled turkey with guacamole, or sliced chicken breast with a little spinach, salt and pepper.  Dip them in a vinaigrette or mustard.  I’ve even placed them on a salad.  They make a fabulous quick snack or lunch.

turkey guacamole roll-ups with chipotle salsa

Turkey with guacamole, spinach, organic American cheese and Chipotle salsa

A fun fact about me: I have never been a fan of cold cheese on a sandwich.  Taylor, however, has always loved cheese on a sandwich… especially American cheese.  I found an ORGANIC American Cheese made by Organic Valley.  Awesome, right?!  I broke a piece in half and included it in two of the roll-ups I made him one afternoon.  He was amazed at the flavor.  So if you haven’t completely given up dairy, or you buy organic… using that product will definitely exceed your food memory expectations for American cheese.


  • 1/4-1/2 pound thinly sliced ham (I used Boar’s Head)
  • kosher dill pickles (I used Boar’s Head Kosher Dill Pickles)
  • dried oregano, to taste
  • organic olive oil, to taste


  • 1. Overlap two slices of ham, and lay them on plate
  • 2. Drizzle less than a teaspoon of olive oil over ham, to taste
  • 3. Sprinkle ham with oregano, to taste
  • 4. Place pickle on edge of ham, and roll
  • 5. Sprinkle a pinch of oregano on top
  • 6. Enjoy!