Paleo Slow Cooker Carrot Chicken

I am happy to report that I am not afraid to make the same dish over and over, and I love leftovers.  Even though I started out my cooking adventure with just my husband and me, I always cook for (at least) four because leftovers means that I cook fewer […]

Healthy Slow Cooker Cashew Chicken

  No matter what stage of life you are in, I’m sure there are moments in your life when ordering take out is preferred to cooking your own meal.  One of my favorites is Chinese food.  Usually ready to pickup or be delivered within 30 minutes, delicious, and never light […]

Paleo Portuguese Kale Soup

  The inspiration for this recipe was the year my husband and I spent living in Brazil.  Like many aspects of Brazilian culture, this dish originates in Portugal.  In Portuguese, the dish is called caldo verde, literally meaning green broth.  Kale is the green element of this soup, and it’s […]

Paleo Pear and Pumpkin Spiced Applesauce

  In the Maryland area, fall is here!  The leaves are slowly starting to change and there is a pleasant chill to the air.  I had my first tall cup of apple cider when we took my daughter to the local Renaissance Festival for her first birthday.  It was a great reminder […]

Paleo Pumpkin Chicken Curry

  The inspiration for this recipe came from a recent Fall issue of Parents Magazine.   I have been receiving Parents magazine for probably a minimum of four years now.  My daughter just recently turned one.  While I would like to claim that I was merely compiling years of knowledge […]

Paleo Lemon Chicken Breasts

  What do you do when it has been a week since the last grocery shopping trip, you open the fridge, and a package of chicken breasts is staring you in the face?  For me, it requires a brief moment of panic as I check the sell-by date.  Usually, waste can […]

Paleo Meaty Pumpkin Sweet Potato Chili

  The inspiration for this recipe is the beginning of Fall, so you will be seeing a lot of delicious and nutritious pumpkin incorporated into my recipes.  I’ve never been one for pumpkin pie, but in the past, Fall has always meant pumpkin in the form of my Mom’s amazing […]

Less Than 30 Paleo Sweet Potato Chowder

The inspiration for this recipe is getting back in the saddle again.  After an almost 2-year hiatus to the day from adding new recipes to WorkOutChowDown, involving language training, a year abroad, and having a baby… I’d love to celebrate my daughter’s first birthday with finishing a long-overdue post! After taking […]

Paleo Baked or Grilled Chicken Thighs

As promised in my post for Paleo Wings a la Daphne, I am following up with results from using the same recipe to bake chicken pieces… and the results were easy and outrageously delicious!  So yummy, in fact, that we make them almost weekly now.  With this marinade, you can […]

Paleo Greek Braised Fish

The official name of this recipe is Psári Bouryetto which means steamed fish.  Psári is Greek for fish, and that is particularly fascinating to me because I am currently studying Spanish.  The word for fish (the food) is pescado, and fish (the animal, alive and swimming) is pez.  Born in […]