Paleo Pumpkin Chicken Curry

  The inspiration for this recipe came from a recent Fall issue of Parents Magazine.   I have been receiving Parents magazine for probably a minimum of four years now.  My daughter just recently turned one.  While I would like to claim that I was merely compiling years of knowledge […]

Paleo Baked or Grilled Chicken Thighs

As promised in my post for Paleo Wings a la Daphne, I am following up with results from using the same recipe to bake chicken pieces… and the results were easy and outrageously delicious!  So yummy, in fact, that we make them almost weekly now.  With this marinade, you can […]

Paleo Greek Braised Fish

The official name of this recipe is Psári Bouryetto which means steamed fish.  Psári is Greek for fish, and that is particularly fascinating to me because I am currently studying Spanish.  The word for fish (the food) is pescado, and fish (the animal, alive and swimming) is pez.  Born in […]

Cousin Annie’s Spanikopita Turkey Burgers

As I embrace the life of a full-time student, with a full-time-student hubby, living across the country from family… I find myself busier than ever, even a little irrationally stressed at times, but still thriving.  My life is going at a much faster pace than when we were in Georgia, […]

Primal Mavrodaphne

The inspiration for this dish is that it is a family recipe that I had never tried before.  My Mom sent the basic steps from my Cousin Daphne (the Vice Matriarch of our family), and said that she had not made the recipe recently, but remembered that the smell of […]

Paleo Falafel

The inspiration for this recipe occurred when I came across a falafel recipe in the Penzeys’ Spice catalog.  I had made falafel a few years ago with a recipe that I found in Cuisine At Home magazine, so I saved the recipe from Penzeys in order to compare the two.  […]

Paleo Tzatziki

As a Greek woman, I naturally gravitate towards Mediterranean flavors.  It would be impossible to choose my favorite Greek dish, but tzatziki is one of my favorite things from any cuisine.  I know… that is a big statement.  Most of the time, tzatziki isn’t even considered more than a sauce […]

Paleo Chicken Wings a la Daphne

Believe it or not, these wings are a staple at my family’s Greek Easter celebration.  They may not seem like a traditional Greek dish, yet each year they are one of the first of many delicious appetizers to be served.  Even though Greek Easter is an entire day devoted to […]

Paleo Keftedes a la Marina

Meatballs are one of the greatest foods in the world.  Not only are they a perfect bite of delicious protein, but there are so many variations of meat and seasonings that the possibilities are endless!  Keftedes is a Greek fried meatball that is typically made with bread crumbs, onion and […]


The inspiration for this dish: nostalgia.  As much as Taylor and I enjoy eating Paleo, there are some dishes that will just never align with those parameters and that’s okay!  Certainly, if you have a gluten or milk allergy, you will be unable to enjoy this recipe and I apologize! […]