Paleo Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is for more than just sandwiches.  It is a component of so many things: from creamy dressings, to dips… and even cakes.  The oil and egg add moisture and creaminess to whatever they touch.  The smallest amount can enhance a dish, classifying it as a comfort food in my mind.  Even though canned and fresh tuna is one of my favorite meals as an adult, I was not a big fan as a child.  One of the best applications of mayonnaise for me was in my Grandma’s tuna salad.  When we visited my Grandparents in Texas, we had tuna salad with Fritos almost every day for lunch.  There is nothing like some fried corn chips and a little mayo to round out a quick and easy meal.

In recent years, I have largely shied away from mayonnaise products.  Not only is mayonnaise fattening, but almost all of the commercial mayos on the market are made with undesirable ingredients… even the organic mayonnaise!  From canola to soybean oils to added sugars, even Hellman’s Olive Oil Mayonnaise has soybean oil as the first ingredient.  That brings me back to the point that reading labels is so important.

That being said, even in our mostly Paleo diet, there are some things that could benefit from a little mayonnaise.  For me, ranch dressing is one of my favorite splurges.  Even though I love salads with olive oil and vinegar, I will always enjoy a side of ranch dressing.  Just a small taste on a veggie morsel turns me into a poster child for a Hidden Valley Ranch commercial.  One of Taylor’s favorite lunches is chicken salad.  The store-bought kinds are laden with more mayo than I can stomach, but when done the right way can enhance the chicken without being too decadent and fattening.

My Paleo mayo is a combination of a recipe from my Vitamix cookbook, and one from Sarah Fragoso’s Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook.  This mayo is awesome.  Slightly tangy from the mustard, lemon, and touch of apple cider vinegar.  I used Extra Light Olive Oil because when I used “regular” olive oil the first time, the olive taste was too strong.  There is certainly a place for that flavor in some dishes, but this recipe will really leave you with a lot of fun and delicious possibilities.

As I’ve mentioned before, my Vitamix is one of my favorite kitchen tools.  Even though Sarah’s cookbook discouraged the use of a Vitamix for making mayo (because it can heat ingredients up quickly), I had absolutely no problem making a perfect Paleo mayo!  It was so quick, and the Vitamix is fantastic for emulsifying ingredients because it is so powerful.  Any  kitchen blender will work.  If you are not using a Vitamix, just make sure you do not pour the oil too fast, let it gradually emulsify with the egg mixture.  It is super easy, I promise!  Plus, it will last for up to four weeks in your fridge!

I have used this mayo to whip up a quick and yummy lunch for Taylor by using about a tablespoon with canned chicken breast, a touch of tabasco, and pepper.  I have also used it as a base to make three other dressings/dips!  I made Paleo Ranch, a Paleo meets Buffalo Wild Wings Parmesan Garlic Sauce, and a Sriracha Mayo.  That is truly just the beginning.  So before you totally dismiss mayonnaise from your diet, grab a healthier oil, and give it another chance.


  • 3 large organic cage free eggs
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • 1 tsp organic yellow mustard (I used Annie’s Organic Mustard)
  • juice of 1/2 a lemon plus enough apple cider vinegar to equal a total of 1/4 cup liquid
  • 1 3/4 cup extra light olive oil (I used Filippo Berio brand)


  • 1. Crack eggs into bowl and remove the opaque-white “belly buttons” attached to the yolks if they are large
  • 2. To Vitamix or blender, add eggs, salt, mustard, lemon juice
  • 3. Cap the Vitamix or blender, turn it up to power 10, then HIGH
  • 4. Remove cap in lid and slowly pour in olive oil and let it go for less than a minute, or until ingredients have emulsified
  • 5. Pour into an airtight container and refrigerate
  • 6. Mayonnaise will stay in fridge for about 4 weeks
  • 7. Enjoy!