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Eats All Good Paleo Recipe Cookbook Cover

100 of the very best of WorkOutChowDown’s outstanding paleo and healthy recipes all together at last!

Book Description:

Now available for the first time in print and on Kindle (Amazon prime members can borrow for free!), Eats All Good Volume I collects the very best paleo and healthy recipes from Tiffany Carroll’s (aka paleobarbie) website. Newly edited and revised to bring you not only paleo cooking staples like the perfect cauliflower rice, paleo mayonnaise, and tasty roasted brussels sprouts but also new favorites such as her paleo Italian baked fish and the famously delicious paleo buffalo chicken meatballs.

Eats All Good is a must have companion for any paleo/natural foods enthusiast. Are you new to cooking or the paleo diet? No big deal – let paleobarbie guide you from complete newbie to masterful paleo chef in no time. Every one of these hand picked 100 recipes is written for cooks of any skill level. Helpful notes and anecdotes throughout don’t leave you with just an ingredient and instruction list – they make it seem like Tiff is in the kitchen with you as your sous-chef.

Recipes are organized conveniently into major protein categories and suggestions are made throughout for excellent full meal ideas. Offering recipes for any meal, any course, and almost any protein, this cookbook is to the paleo diet what the burpee is to functional fitness workouts (in a good way, of course).

What truly makes this recipe collection unique, however, is paleobarbie’s attention to her Greek family roots as well as flavors and cuisines that would not typically be associated with healthy eating. Mouthwatering paleo chicken tikka masala, paleo crispy baked chicken wings, and paleo clam chowder are some of the many culinary innovations contained herein. Most importantly, paleobarbie’s style of cooking will impart the sense of balance necessary for any healthy lifestyle. Cook with her and experience the wellness of eating paleo along with the satisfaction of eating comforting, homemade dishes. Love what you eat, and eat what you love!

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